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There has never been a better time to brew kombucha professionally.

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At Mannanova, we empower people to follow their kombucha dream. Whether you’re in a basement or a brewery, we’ll show you how to launch and scale a successful kombucha operation.

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The Kombucha Masterclass

Our flagship course; we gave this course countless times since 2012, improving it along the way.

The Kombucha Brewing Masterclass is a complete online course that teaches people how to launch and grow their kombucha brewing business.

Hundreds of students have completed the Kombucha Masterclass. This course is designed to help anyone who wants to produce kombucha commercially, from homebrewers leveling up, all the way to established brewers looking to scale and improve their production.

Schedule: Watch prerecorded video lessons at your own pace + Live monthly Q&A webinars

Kombucha Brewing Course with Mannanova
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Launched in 2021, the Hard Kombucha & Hard Seltzer Course teaches students how to brew two increasingly popular beverages, hard kombucha and hard seltzer, in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Register for the course on its own, or as an add-on to the Kombucha Masterclass.

Schedule: Watch prerecorded video lessons at your own pace + Live Q&A webinars

Who we are

The Kombucha Masterclass is an educational project brought to you by the people at Mannanova.

Mannanova was founded in 2014 by Sebastien Bureau. Prior to this, Seb spent six years as VP of Research and Development for the largest Kombucha company in Canada, where he played a critical role in its growth phase.

Seb has built a team of the industry’s most talented people, and together we are helping food producers design remarkable foods and beverages.

At Mannanova, we are in the very rare position of not only being able to practice what we preach, but also practice what we *teach*! 

We are kombucha educators, consultants and producers. 

Our team produces new kombucha flavours every month, while helping a wide variety of kombucha friends solve their production challenges.

Mannanova is privileged to be able to continually experiment with kombucha while continuing to help people like YOU become a better brewer.

Our clients

We have clients on every continent (bar Antarctica – soooon, penguins, sooon….). These range from artisanal local producers to industrial biotech companies.

Here are some of the students that have followed the Kombucha Masterclass and the Hard Kombucha Course.

Learn commercial kombucha

Learn the tools, techniques, and best practices for commercial kombucha brewing.


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